A Timely Idea

The Neighborhood: an old idea, reinterpreted 

The emergent concern about sustainability--of the environment and of our communitiesis-- is causing people to revisit more traditional forms of suburban neighborhood development that minimize car use, support walkable streets, offer proximity to transit, and encourage a sense of community.  Pocket neighborhoods also recognize that average family size over time has been decreasing.  Currently about two thirds of households contain one or two people; projections show that by 2025 that figure will increase to approximately 88% of all households.

NOW Communities creates pocket neighborhoods to provide the experience of a single-family, detached house while taking up less land and reversing the decades-long trend of bigger and bigger homes. These communities allow for a more traditional sense of community and create the appropriate physical structure for a true neighborhood.


Typical suburban single family housing development:

What a NOW Community is Not:
  • Auto reliant
  • Large footprint
  • Energy inefficient
  • Infrastructure intense
  • Expensive to maintain



A NOW Community is:

  • Pedestrian friendly 
  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Right sized
  • Energy efficient