Net Zero Possible

A NOW House makes Net Zero Energy possible.

Enjoy reduced reliance on the grid.

A Net Zero energy home is capable of producing, at minimum, an annual output of renewable energy that is equal to the total amount of its annual consumed/purchased energy from energy utilities. (Source:

To meet the Net Zero energy standard, our homes use a combination of active and passive strategies to integrate the latest high-performance building technology, including ultra low-energy building envelope assemblies and mechanical systems.

Why it matters

Buildings currently consume 54% of the total energy consumed across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Reduction in global warming, improvements in air quality and a reduction in dependence on foreign oil are good things that smarter building design can contribute to the planet.


Feel good without suffering

Concord Riverwalk roof pv panels


Benefits of a NOW Community house:

  • Increased comfort level as the super insulated walls reduce radiant cooling and heating.  Sitting near the outside wall on a cold day won't make your back feel cold anymore.  Insulation value of these homes is two to three times higher than mandated by building codes.  
  • Decreased energy costs.  Super insulated building envelope (wall and roof assemblies) reduce heating and cooling loads by greater than 50% over standard construction.  Optional renewable solar thermal hot water system and photovoltaic electricity system can reduce the energy load to zero.  
  • Higher indoor air quality with the whole house, high quality filtered air circulation system.  No carbon monoxide emissions as no fossil fuels are burned in the house (oil or gas).   In addition, house materials are selected for no or low VOC content, making the house a healthy place to be.   
  • The houses are quiet; there is less indoor noise with triple insulated windows and quiet air circulation system.

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