Our Process

  • Programming

    One of our operating principles is “Start Smarter, Build Better”. Making the right, well informed decisions early in the design process is essential to a streamlined construction process and keeping the project on budget. So we begin by LISTENING to you – what are your goals for your home, what is top priority and what can be assigned to a wish list. We create a building program listing room types, sizes and adjacencies to help us create a design that works great for you.

  • Site Analysis

    What needs to happen during this phase:

    • Site survey to locate existing buildings, utilities, borders and regulatory zones.
    • Review of zoning regulations, any wetland or flood area buffer zones, historic commission or other regulatory overlays.
    • Are utilities easily accessible? Is there a house or other structure on the site to be demolished? Does a hazardous materials survey and abatement need to occur?
    • The site also needs to be evaluated for contours – is this a flat site or hilly—and for solar exposure and prevailing winds.

  • Preliminary Design

    From this initial information we will create sketch building plans, elevations and 3d images for you to review and for us to revise to achieve your ideal home, keeping in mind budget and regulatory constraints.

  • Budget Estimating

    Based on the preliminary drawings, we will provide cost estimates for the work. Some areas may be bid or quoted, for others we may provide an allowance to be established as the design proceeds. Typical allowance areas are cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures and lighting.

  • Permitting

    During this permitting phase, we will be refining the drawings to incorporate final details. During this time, we will work with you to select cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting, tile and other finishes so the final construction drawing set is as detailed as possible and gives the correct information to all the subcontractors.

  • Construction Phase

    Watch your house being built! In most cases, any unknown expenditures (remember there is a contingency allowance in the budget) will present themselves during excavation and foundation construction. After that you can feel comfortable allocating any contingency allowances to other changes or finishes selections.

  • Project Completion

    We will be finishing up any touch up work and have the house professionally cleaned before you move in. Your house is complete, the certificate of occupancy is issued and you are ready to move in. We will explain equipment operation to you during the final house walk through, and will provide you with manuals for mechanical equipment and appliances. We will be available for any questions as you get to know your house.