Got Land?

Do you own land that you are considering selling or possibly developing? We can help. Now Communities provides development expertise to land owners who want to realize the optimum value for their land. We also work with individuals who want to a build a single-family home.

Sample Case Studies

Large tract of land


The Woodward Family Trust

The Woodward family owned 50 acres of land In Carlisle and wanted to determine the best way to realize the value of their land. Despite having grown up in Carlisle, the siblings moved away after college and managing the property from a distance had become increasingly difficult. Despite no longer living in Carlisle the family still felt a strong connection to the property and the town and was eager to pursue a path that would optimize the various stakeholder interests. With this objective in mind the Woodward’s reached out to Now Communities for assistance. After some initial due diligence and research Now Communities created a development program that would set aside a substantial amount of the land (about 40 acres) which was adjacent to existing conservation land for conservation purposes and use the remaining land for the creation of an 18-home cottage community. With the help of Now Communities the Woodward’s realized a strong return on their land and created permanently protected conservation land for the town and residents of the new community to enjoy.

Individual home site


West Concord Home

After visiting Concord Riverwalk and falling in love with the design, the lower energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements, a couple living in West Concord decided they wanted to create a net zero possible home on land they owned. The couple owned an older house that was ideally located but no longer served their needs. Since the house had sentimental value to the owners their preference was to renovate and expand. To determine the feasibility of their program they hired Now Communities; we began from the premise the existing house would be renovated and expanded. After an extensive due diligence effort the owners came to the conclusion that it would not make economic sense to renovate and expand. They ultimately decided to start from scratch and engaged NOW Communities to design and build their new house on their site. In order to expedite the construction time, NOW Communities employed a panelized construction process.

Our Development Process